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If you are an IMA member and would like to connect with others in your profession, then our chapter and related communities are a terrific opportunity for you.

Join Riyadh Chapter - learn from peers, share what you know and increase your contact network. This is by far most enjoyable and rewarding part of being a member.

Chapter members meet face-to-face. We engage with professionals from varied business and get together for educational and networking events.

Our goal is to keep the members updated with essential business knowledge, raise their skills through professional education events, and build awareness of the CMA certification program, all these aim towards enhancing your career!!

We volunteer our effort and time to make quality knowledge affordable to all our members. If you believe in our goals and want to contribute to your success, we encourage you to volunteer with us.

Come join us in developing your leadership skills and building your career!

Tim Douglas, CMA, MBA

President, IMA Riyadh Chapter

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